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About Cambridge Int. College

Cambridge International College is an accredited British College providing superb modern Careers Training to tens of thousands of people worldwide. CIC Members study through CICs popular and professional distance-training methods, or can study where available with the support of CIC appointed local organisations offering campus or tutorial assistance. For 70 years CIC has been a world leader in professional, accredited study and training. CIC has a vast wealth of experience of providing the very best education internationally.

CIC offers YOU the OPPORTUNITY to:

Undertake Professional Study & Training whatever your current level of education and experience, and at the pace which best suits your circumstances.

Maximise your chance of high success with professionally written, straightforward and easy-to-assimilate Study & Training Materials including an expert Study & Training Guide.

Train to rapidly secure top jobs, gain promotion, achieve career success, earn higher pay, improve your standard of living and respect.

Increase your skills, knowledge, ability and self confidence.