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CIC Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The CIC Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a structured, professional programme designed to develop the advanced business and administrative skills which are essential to prepare individuals for senior and executive managerial level positions in today¡¦s highly competitive business world. Students may choose a specialisation which contain courses essential for understanding the operations of enterprises and which accelerate high-level career development, and endow the holder with great personal confidence, belief and ability.

    The programme is fully approved by the National Accreditation Board, Ghana and incorporate high-quality Study Materials and syllabus, produced by world-leading authors and professionals.

    Students may choose any of the under listed options.
    Project Management
    Financial Management
    Business Management
    Strategic Management
    Hospitality Management
    Human Resource Management
    Organisational Management
    Marketing Management
    Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    The MBA Programme can be completed within 18 months, however because some Members may be in employment you are allowed up to three (3) years to complete the programme.

    For entry into the MBA programme, an applicant must be at least 21 years of age and must hold a Bachelor¡¦s degree from an accredited institution OR A professional qualification equivalent to a degree recognised by CIC and National Accreditation Board, Ghana.

    The programme is delivered by distance learning ¡V the flexible, modern, effective way to gain skills, knowledge and qualifications. The flexible study method allows you to progress at your own pace (within certain limits), at the times which suit your lifestyle, personal circumstances and in an environment of your choice. Additionally, face-to-face tutorial assistance can be arranged if needed.

    CIC Honours Group Diploma

    The CICHonours GroupDiploma Programmeisa thorough, practical, well planned and enjoyable route to gaining a respected advanced award. They require the study of three related subjects plus advanced management theory and practice. Gaining a CIC Honours Group Diploma demonstrates the potential to become a successful senior manager, administrator or executive in a wide range of relevant career areas. These Programmes also allow progress to BA and Higher programmes.


    An Honours Group Diploma attests to its holder having successfully completed related CIC Diploma Programs plus an Advanced Program and having graduated with honours.


    To qualify for the Award of CIC’s International Honours Group Diploma a CIC Member must complete successfully FOUR CIC CORE ‘Qualifying Programs/Subjects.

    On successfully completing this Honours Programme of Study you will:

    • Be awarded the CIC Honours Group Diploma
    • Have attained an accredited qualification at Level 4, equated to the British National framework at the same level as Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.


    CIC provides a wide range of Diploma Programs written to ensure Members’ development, progress, career success and career enhancement. Each Program deals comprehensively with the important topics, and with emphasis on the practical application of what is taught. Additionally, if after completing one or more Programs a Member wishes to continue on to further study, these Programs are the route to Honours, BA and Higher study and awards.

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